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Rehabilitation of a 2-bedroom detached house with natural pool

2-bedroom detached house

5-bedroom detached house with garage and pool

Rehabilitation of a 250 sq.m building

2-bedroom detached house and touristic accommodation

Rehabilitation and new building of 4 2-bedroom and 1 4-bedroom accommodation

4 2/3-bedroom detached house

4+1-bedroom detached house with garage and pool


Less than 40 minutes by car south of Lisbon in the village of Meco.


We offer 3 typologies of villas (from 149 to 212 sq.m), without face to face, with large external terraces and beautiful south-south-west openings. 

nos éco-projets - nossos projetos ecológicos - our ecological projects


We wish to develop modular single story family houses, in wooden framework. They will be distributed and oriented in such a way as to obtain the best energy yields. We will ensure that the houses will integrated as well as possible into the environment and landscape. 

Priority will be given to the use of noble materials, mainly wood and viroc (a material composed of a mixture of wood particles and compressed and dry cement).

The houses will be very far apart on the site, offering its inhabitants an exceptional living environment in the middle of totally preserved vegetation: parasol and maritime pines, cork oaks, eucalyptus trees, cists (cottony or Montpellier), wild lavender, oleanders, sea figs…

The houses are all equipped with a wooden deck and will be slightly elevated in relation to the terrain, thus offering overhanging views to their occupants.

These houses will be an adaptation of the popup houses developed by the company of the same name based in Aix-en-Provence (France). They will be Passiv Haus certified (by the Institute of the same name). For more informations about passive house building, check out our website about eco-passive houses. 

Social areas

  • 1 condominium of about 300 sq.m 
  • 2 common natural swimming pools 
  • An electric and thermal car garage  
  • An electric bicycle garage
  • 1 rainwater harvesting area 
maison écologique - ecological house - casa ecológica

Take a cue from our ecological projects and fill out our online form to tell us about your eco-friendly house project.