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Conference “The eco-passive house in Portugal”

30.10.2019 Conference about the eco-passive house in Portugal (Lisbon)

The conference gathered more than sixty people who attended throughout the afternoon to various presentations about the eco-passive house in Portugal.

This event, organised by SmartHouses Portugal for the launch of its white paper on ecological house building, brought together European specialists on the subject (Portugal, Spain, Germany and France).

Schedule of the afternoon

Antoine Lesecq, partner of SmartHouses Portugal, opened the conference. He explained how the company was born: a growing environmental concern coupled with 10 years of experience in real estate project management through New Address. 

He also presented the actions already set up by the company: development of a white paper on sustainable construction, training of teams to the Passivhaus label, establishment of a network of partners who are experts in ecological and passive house buildings to offer services to interested customers.

maison éco-passive
maison éco-passive

João Marcelino, President of the Passivhaus Portugal Association presented in about twenty minutes the main features of the passive house building concept: how it works, the requirements of the label and the various advantages.

Javier Flórez engineer at the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt, took over and explained how passive building could address indoor comfort issues during the summer season in Portugal.

Patricia Nako, Business Development Manager at Popup House in Aix en Provence, presented the Popup House construction system: from the birth of the concept to its application. These are modular houses made of pre-cut wooden panels and synthetic insulation, graphite expanded polystyrene. The advantages of this type of construction? Fast and easy to build, high energy performance, low carbon footprint and good indoor air quality.

Does passive house necessarily mean high construction costs, concrete and synthetic insulation?  Germán Velázquez, Passivhaus Designer Architect in Bilbao and Oliver Style Passivhaus Engineer in Barcelona both demonstrated that this was not necessarily the case.

While the first one presented the different stages of construction of a social housing, the second one highlighted different projects in wooden framework and insulation based on straw bales.

maison éco-passive
maison éco-passive

To conclude, Cédric Lecler, partner of SmartHouses Portugal, presented the concept of eco-passive houses according to SmartHouses Portugal through the Meco project : this involves the construction of 27 single-family houses on one level distributed on a plot of land in the Meco area (Sétubal), completely integrated into the surrounding vegetation. The most? A residential concept that includes communal living areas: ecological swimming pools, a house dedicated to visitors, electric bicycles available and no cars within the residence. The houses will be designed according to the Popup House concept, with Passive House certification carried out by SmartHouses Portugal consultants.

If you wish to build your ecological and/or passive house in Portugal, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to support you on this beautiful adventure.

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