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8th Passivhaus Portugal online conference

The annual event dedicated to passive building in Portugal was conducted online on 17th, 19th, 24th and 26th of November 2020.


This videoconference, organized by Passivhaus Portugal association, of which SmartHouses Portugal has been a member since 2018, included 4 workshops to highlight materials and solutions, 4 thematic sessions and a virtual exhibition.

Over the four days of the conference, the event counted more than 600 participations.

Day 1 – 11/17/20

This first day of videoconference, spread over two workshops, was dedicated to the presentation of innovative solutions and materials deployed by partners of the Passivhaus Portugal network. Sales representatives spoke about some technical aspects of passive building and presented their different solutions: roofing solutions, controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) systems with heat recovery, high-performance window solutions…

Day 2 – 11/19/20

The second day of the online conference was initially devoted to the presentation of passive building projects in progress in Portugal. We were able to discover different projects, deployed throughout the country, some in the final phase and others in the initial. Eight renovation and new construction projects (detached and semi-detached houses) has been introduced.

In a second phase, the conference focused on indoor air quality, one of the passive building pillars. Emphasis was placed on the relationship between indoor air quality and health, and on the value of CMV with heat recovery.

Day 3 – 11/24/20

On the third day, business partners presented new and innovative solutions for facades and thermal insulation, illustrated with concrete examples. Finally, representatives of different brands discussed the question “How to execute, from the beginning to end, the envelope of a passive construction ?”

Day 4 – 11/26/20

Finally, on the last day, the Passivhaus concept was confronted with current events, in particular the emphasis on passive housing in times of pandemic. The videoconference ended with a discussion on the fuel poverty theme and the responses of the passive standard to this major issue in Portugal.

The opinion of the SmartHouses Portugal team

This 8th Passivhaus Portugal Conference, even if conducted online, was complete, relevant and well executed. All the key themes of a passive house were addressed and crossed with current events. Indeed, the context of the global pandemic reinforces the interest of opting for a passive house, healthy and respectful of the health of its occupants. 

Another point to note is the highlighting of concrete cases. On the second day, we discovered renovation and new construction projects in progress. These presentations confirmed that although renovation is not as demanding in terms of passive standards as new construction, it still has excellent energy performance. 

The conference was also an opportunity to discover new Passivhaus-certified materials and innovative solutions, which are increasingly available on the market. The increasing number of certified materials on offer thus demystifies, for technicians and architects as well as for the consumer, the accessibility and price of it.

Finally, the various exchanges between professionals have also shown the difficulty of building a passive house (particularly in terms of airtightness). Some rehabilitations do not succeed in obtaining Passivhaus certification because of inadequate airtightness or faulty conception. In such cases, the support of certified teams (Passive House Designer architect or Passive House Tradesperson consultant) guarantees the proper implementation of the passive standard.

To watch the sessions of this videoconference, visit the Passivhaus Portugal Facebook page.

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